1. I Wanna Go

From the recording I Wanna Go

Seattle's Honey Tongue has plenty to celebrate. Not only does the power-pop band have a new EP/CD, "I Wanna Go," but the infectious title track is gaining momentum as a potential hit single. The song has been licensed for use in "HappyHappy," the Helly Hansen extreme sports DVD, The Secret Spot water sports film, and the GoGirlsMusicFest compilation album. And played on KEXP-FM --- Seattle Post-Intelligencer
"I Wanna Go" in Helly Hansen's Extreme Sports DVD

The song features a very catchy melody, but it's Ayers' full-throated, Annie Lennox-style delivery that pushes it into the stratosphere. Overall, the band's punchy sound recalls the punk pop of the Blondie era. The six-song CD also includes live versions of "Senator" (a politically themed song) and "Take Me Anywhere," as well as a cover of the Cure's "Love Song." The EP was produced by Jason Brennan, an engineer on Alanis Morissette's album "Under Rug Swept."
 "We knew there was something special about the song from the minute we wrote it," singer and pianist Jen Ayers said this week. "That was confirmed when we started to see people's reactions to the song when we played it live. There were folks singing along on the first listen, hopping out of chairs, jumping up and down and asking about it after shows."