What Seattle is saying about SHe Said

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 “SHe Said is groundbreaking musical theater. It’s a moving, touching journey of self discovery, identity, partnership, and love. I’m in awe of Jen’s performance - so powerful, vulnerable, and real - and the entire cast delivers in spades to create a truly moving and unforgettable experience. Go.” 

“A remarkable achievement. Broadway will hopefully be the next step. What a mind opener show!!  

“Such a heart-opening experience! A triumph!”  

“I’m so thrilled to see so many people who's taste I respect say all the things I felt while I was watching this amazing piece of art. No hyperbole here: SHe Said is one of the most moving and impactful shows I've ever seen. I am in awe of everyone involved in this production.”   

“So amazing! What an incredible triumph of a show!!! Everyone should get out and see it.” 

“This show is revolutionary and must be seen. It’s a love letter and story told through Jen’s eyes, words and music that can only be described as raw, genuine, powerful and human. Love looks many ways. And while Jen and Graham’s story isn’t unique in today’s world, it is one of the finest examples of love I’ve ever seen or heard. It needs to be seen and heard. And it looks just the way they want it to. Simply perfect. Go see it. Just go.”  

“This is a love story that grabs your heart, makes you smile and cry at the same time amidst great music and talent! The world needs this story!!!” 

"Dear Seattle, Jen Ayers new performance piece SHe Said is stunning. Only a handful of times in my life has live theater left me sizzling/reeling/wretched and wonderful in the way Jen’s new work did. I am still buzzing inside. There is one performance left if your lucky you can still get a ticket. It’s rock and roll story telling at its best. The music is a blast, the true story at the heart is a stunning kind of heroes journey of challenges, transformation and returning home. I left the theater feeling transformed myself. You know how to google so go see if you can find tickets, if not the album is on Spotify and look for the YouTube video from Artzone for background about the show. Big congratulations to Jen Ayers, Waxie Moon and all the many hands that helped launch this ship." 

"Just WOW!! I’m still in tears. Owning your story, accepting it, growing with it, loving it and sharing it. That’s at the heart of SHe Said. Stunning performance tonight at BPH and I’m still digesting it all. Kind of surreal, super reflective. Thank you Jen Ayers for being true to yourself and sharing it, a guiding light of self-expression. Jen and Graham, thank you both for your openness in sharing your journey, I know it will be a light for many on their paths. And holy guacamole Batman—what a band! Y’all have one more opportunity to catch it - tomorrow night! Don’t slack." 

"Go see this extraordinary production that defies definition. It is a beautiful, courageous, raw, hopeful, honest, loving, thought-provoking and entertaining telling of a beautiful, courageous, raw, hopeful, honest, loving, thought-provoking and entertaining story of the lives of two human beings who make me believe in love. It is about transitions and transformations, both au courant yet has been unfolding for Jen and Graham for many years. That they have chosen to share their journey — with the stellar direction of Daryle Conners — so openly and with such grace is an astonishing gift to us all. What I should have said at the start is tonight is the last chance to see this show “now, in Seattle,” because I have no doubt it will be seen elsewhere and in cities where transitions and transformations are not accepted. SHe Said is beyond a theatrical production. It is a public service. Props to Kathy Moore, RL Heyer, Peter Bracilano, Marc Kenison and the rest of the band and production team. You are part of something so very special. #lovewins" 

“Jen Ayers voice and spirit is stunning, and her new show SHe Said is a must see. Go see it, Seattle. Two more nights. I hope it is adored far and wide beyond our fine city. I think it will be. I cried because visibility is important. I cried because I felt it deeply. I cried because my transgender daughter was with her dad and me on a Friday night seeing a show about gender identity. And we’ve all been on a journey ourselves. I cried because it is a love story. The music runs deep into my heart. And it’s so damn powerful. Grateful for all the artists who helped create this work. It takes community to make life brighter. It takes courage to be true to ourselves. And it takes love to keep it all together. Bravo!!”  

“Had the tremendous honor of seeing this extraordinary show last night. Funny, heartwarming, vulnerable, rockin’—all the good stuff. S/He Said at Broadway Performance Hall for two more nights only! Grab tix—last night there was a line out the door to Broadway! Such a stunning show, truly.”  

“This show and original music were PHENOMENAL! The real life story was raw, real and beautiful. Love wins. ”  

“Just saw Jen Ayers performance of SHe Said at the Broadway Performance Hall in Seattle. Wow! I must admit I teared up more than once.  Beautifully touching story, great songs, wonderful visuals, incredible voice! and fantastic band  I highly recommend you go see it before it’s too late. Don’t miss it.”  

“Go see “S/He Said” at the Broadway Performing Arts Theater. The strength, courage, honesty, and sincerity with which Jen Ayers presents her (and Graham’s) story moved us to tears. Oh, yeah… the band, the music, and the production is wonderful!”  

“I was blown away by SHe Said. Absolutely amazing show and performances with a truly uplifting story of love. I have talked about almost nothing else since having seen the show last Thursday. I am running out of adjectives of adulation.” 

“SHe Said at Broadway Performance Hall…..Wow”  

“Truly remarkable! It left a footprint in our hearts! Thank You!”  

“I was captivated by it all: Jen Ayers wonderful songs, her gorgeous lyrics and that voice…& Kathy Moore- who rocks, always, with an open heart and wonderful musicianship. RL Heyer- what a loving and masterful energy you bring to this.  Rebecca Young- bass so solid and in the groove/pocket- a gem of energetic goodness. Geoff Reading gave us that groove that we all crave. Melissa Melissa- keys for days, with that lovely connected smile throughout. Graham Ayers- brave, sweet, loving, and ROCKING. Kudos all around- thank you all for your transformative storytelling and rocking music.. BTW: I loved the sound. I heard every lyric and a every musical nuance. Groove.”  

“Please go see Jen Ayers’ amazing show S/He Said. It is playing for two more nights in Cap Hill and it will make you FEEL THINGS—Jen is such a powerful performer and tells a super intimate story with style, grace, and absolute raw openness. Also, it’s rad to see two of my guitar heroes Kathy Moore and RL Heyer rocking out together. The whole band is killer, including amazing Melissa Montalto who looks like she’s right out of a Jem and the Holograms cartoon and sounds like a dream. And Waxie Moon is a joy anytime. DO NOT MISS.” 

“Congrats Jen Ayers and company on a super beautiful show. It's one of the most personal, lovingly crafted, and ambitious local productions I've seen in a long time. "SHe Said" has one final performance tomorrow at Broadway Performance Hall.”  

“Standing ovation for the fabulous Jen Ayers and her unbelievable show S/He Said - totally blown away by her songs, her story and her voice - not to mention THAT BAND  So inspired by her courage in sharing her family’s gender journey. Much needed light after a painful week for Seattle musicians. Don’t miss it - tonight is the last night!”  

“Transcendent. Epic. Joyful. Jen Ayers has created what I think will continue to be a groundbreaking new concert/musical called SHeSaid about her and her amazing partner Graham Ayers in their processing and loving the coming out journey. For me and my partner who share a similar but not identical life events, we felt as if we as a couple were SEEN. I do think this music is some of the best I’ve heard in ages. Jen’s musical vocal chops reminded me of Ann Wilson and esp Janis Joplin. SHe poured itself onto the stage with every ounce. The animations were spectacular and the BAND! Did I mention the BAND!? Even more so. Jen is already famous but with this life’s work she’s taken it to a whole other level. SHeSaid will change hearts and minds and it already has. My biggest gratitude to all of them for one of the most magnificent shows of my life. SHeSaid plays tonight one more time for now at Broadway Performance Hall tonight. Do yourself a favor and witness the shooting stars!”  

“I had the privilege of seeing this show last night. Jen bares her soul about the ups and downs of her personal loving relationship like none other. In addition to the exquisite compositions the presentation is top notch. All the supporting players on stage and behind the scenes were fantastic. A labor of love, you still have one more chance (tonight) to see it. I highly recommend it.”  

“Had the good fortune to see SHe Said yesterday; go see it if you can! It runs only through tonight! It’s an important, sweet, and well-crafted show as well as a generous gift of sharing difficult and vulnerable personal experiences and feelings for the greater good of understanding what it takes to be your authentic self and to redefine the terms of a longtime love partnership.”  

“This show is a knockout!” 

“An amazing story told in an incredibly beautiful way. Outstanding Jen Ayers! Man, I can't recommend this enough. Catch it tonight (the last night) and see for yourself!”  

"This was amazing- I knew it was going to be great but I don’t even have words for how fabulous it was! A beautiful, raw, inspiring transcendental love story about coming out, transformation and embracing change. And it ROCKED! I laughed, cried, and am still feeling deeply moved. If you have a chance to see this tonight, I HIGHLY recommend it!" 

“Seattle friends go see this incredible show if you can make it happen. There is one more performance tonight (at the Broadway Performance Hall). Change your plans if you have to. Jen Ayers created S/He said as a love letter to her husband Graham Ayers. I keep reflecting on what made it as transcendent as it is-- Jen's voice is outrageously beautiful, every single song is gold. Every one. The band is joyful and cohesive and they are among the best I've seen. Rebecca Young on bass was a focal point for me. Graham performs one gorgeous song at just the right moment. Marc Kenison who is always a joy to watch adds just the right amount of texture to bring the narrative together. Christopher Balder's set is beautiful, just right. And I think what makes it jump to the next level is that it tells the truth--bravely and unflinchingly--and that makes the world a more habitable place for all of us--a more joyful place. And as Jen said at the end of the show, Love wins. Jen and Graham have helped make the world that much better for the rest of us because aren't we all--each one of us--trying to be ourselves. It was breathtaking.  

"I highly recommend going to see the final performance of SHe Said, a true-to-life, heartfelt story that focuses on the beautiful relationship of Jen Ayers and Graham Ayers. Aside from it being a musically powerful, theatrical experience, at its core, it is an important, authentic depiction of true love that redefines the meaning of family and partnership within the face of transition." 

“Tried to tell few of my guitar students this morning about SHe Said yesterday. Words fail, they really do. While I was talking I felt miserable and useless. But, if you are in Seattle, you got to make an attempt and see this amazing show. I never doubted Jen's abilities as a musician, she's a badass. But yesterday I discovered that she's an amazing actress. Although, she's telling her own story, so she's there on the stage, being herself. Telling HER story. And is this really acting, I ask myself? She's not becoming somebody else. She's becoming herself. Full Stop. What did I just say? See? Words fail. I don't know how it works, but Jen held everyone's attention in the audience for two hours, and I felt as ONE with the whole audience, mesmerized. It's so much easier to say some standard things, than to make an attempt to describe how profound my yesterday's experience was. Because words fail me. All I can do is hold on the memory of being there, seeing what I saw, hearing what I heard. Again, if you're in Seattle, go, see this.”  

“All the best things! Love, drama, music, rock and roll!” 

“Phenomenal! Bravo Jen, Graham, your team: band, crew, collaborators, Waxie Moon! Cheers to SHe Said. May it be seen by many more far and wide. Love does win.”


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