The Inside Track PREMIERE: Jen Ayers "Whistle Blower"

Ballard vox

Seated behind the keyboard at Las Vegas' EAT'M Music Conference, Jen Ayers comes to sudden life in the way that a cougar comes to life when you startle it from sleep. She is an indoor maelstrom to match the sandstorm outside, a whirl of spinning hair, bright eyes, and infectious grin… ”


Ayers delivers vocals with a passion and purpose…she has star quality written all over her…her voice is unparalleled on the music scene today when it comes to passion and intensity…”

— Showbiz Digest, New York

Pure Delight! Teatro Zinzanni has once again created an evening of great food, great talent and a great night of performances in 'Be Italian!'...Singer Jen Ayers absolutely rocks the house (or tent) down about us. Obviously the love child of Joan Jett and Chrissie Hynde, Ms. Ayers takes hold of the '80s rock-n-roll and makes it her own.” - Eric Andrew-Katz

Seattle Gay News