The Social: A Southend Salon

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A monthly, living room variety show, showcasing the dynamic talent of SE Seattle: Song, Music, Dance, Spoken word, Visual Art, and More. Brought to you by the Columbia-Hillman Arts and Cultural District, from a red couch in the 98118.

This FIRST Episode has an exceptional lineup, a mixture of incredible talent across the Rainier Valley. It includes:

Boka Kouyate and The Djeliyah Band (MUSIC) Eli Rosenblatt (MUSIC) Daemond Arindell (SPOKEN WORD/POETRY) Amaranta Ibarra (VISUAL ART) Jen Ayers (MUSIC) and Cipher Goings (DANCE)

**The Social was created in April amidst the throngs of COVID. And, in light of the current global protests for a much larger, historic pandemic, around racism and police brutality, we couldn't merely launch this series and stand idly by. And so, we hope that this monthly concert series can also serve as a place to rage, to heal, to rest, to inspire, to motivate.

We recognize that the Columbia Hillman Arts & Cultural District is on the traditional land of indigenous people. Today, we are proud to unite artist and creatives from the diverse communities that now call Columbia and Hillman Cities home - through authentic and inclusive arts.

To that end, we unequivocally know that Black Lives Matter. We firmly know that we must invest in our communities. We unquestionably know that Enough is Enough!

This month's theme for The Social is COMFORT/DISCOMFORT.
We've asked our artists to create works that reflect this theme, however they want to engage with it.

We will accept contributions. 80% will go directly to artists, and the remaining 20% will go to Black Lives Matter Seattle Freedom Fund for bail relief.