Jen Ayers' first solo release, "Every Day Is A Parade"

Meet the Healer and High Priestess, Mother and Father, Wounded Child and Elder, the Addict and Victim, Mediator and Saboteur, and Magical Child

Artwork by Claudette Glubka.


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All songs Produced by Amy Stolzenbach w/ Jen Ayers in Seattle, WA. Mixed by Michael Perez-Cisneros in New York, NY



  Every Day Is A Parade  "The Guide"



Open Your Eyes thumbnail


  Open Your Eyes    "The Father"



Jordan's Song Thumnail


  Jordan's Song   "The Wounded Child"



Where Is Everyone Thumbnail


  Where Is Everyone?    "The Elder"



You're Going Nowhere Thumbnail


  You're Going Nowhere  "The Addict" 



Griffin's Song Thumbnail


  Griffin's Song   "The Mother"



Life In The Moment Thumbnail


  Life In The Moment   "The Artist" 



Here We Go Again Thumbnail


  Here We Go Again   "The Victim" 



Give It To Me Straight Thumbnail


  Give It To Me Straight  "The Saboteur"



Magical Child Thumbnail


  Magical Child  "The Magical Child"



CREDITS: Many thanks to my dear friend Amy Stolzenbach for helping me produce this project in Seattle, WA. Not only did she engineer it all, but she also sprinkled guitar, bass, drums and percussion throughout the tracks. And in New York, NY, the very patient Michael Perez-Cisneros mixed and mastered it all. 

Also accompanying my vocals, piano and keyboards, are performances from some of my very talented musician friends: Graham Ayers (electric guitar on "You're Going Nowhere"), Duke Grenier (bass on "Every Day Is A Parade," "Jordan's Song," "Here We Go Again" and "Give It To Me Straight"), Scott Richardson (bass on "Where Is Everyone"), Faith Stankevich (drums on "Every Day Is A Parade" and beatbox on "Here We Go Again") and Laurie Miller (slide guitar on "Give It To Me Straight").


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