Open Your Eyes

Words by Jen Ayers; Music by J. Ayers & Graham Ayers



Open Your Eyes


Words never said...

Did you ever really see me?





Let’s stop talking about the weather, pull yourself together

and open your eyes

Wander around from room to room, try to hide it’s much too soon

Open your eyes, open your eyes


Your photograph tells the story of your life

Here comes the end

Feel the weight – again


Open your eyes – falling down – open your eyes


You might not know who you are anymore

You’ve reached the end

(Sometimes) I feel that way


So far away so out of reach

Will I see you again?

Feel the weight


Feels like I’m falling down

Falling down – open your eyes


I see thru your tears all the pain and regret

This is the end

Feel the weight


Tell him the way that you feel before he goes

This is the end

Feel the weight – again


I thought you’d live forever be with me always…until the end


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