With a big voice, flowing piano lines, gritty guitars, thumping bass and superhero drums, Honey Tongue’s music is an emotionally-charged blend of gritty power pop and alternative rock.

The Seattle-based foursome: Jen Ayers-vocals/keyboards, Graham McNeill Ayers-guitar, Darnton Lewis-drums and Sam Larson-bass, created a nationwide buzz with a full-time nationwide touring schedule and the release of three studio recordings:   “I Wanna Go,” "Take Me Anywhere," and a self-titled debut. 

Jen Ayers and Honey Tongue Promo Photo by Ilana Harris

"While the spirit of the Pacific Northwest's alt-rock revolution lies underneath Honey Tongue's skin, it draws on power-pop for its charming sound. Driven by singer Jen Ayers' velvety delivery, Honey Tongue boasts the up-front vocal melodies of pure pop, as Ayers has a throat that could go one-on-one with any rock diva's.

That's not all the band boasts, however, as Ayers' songwriting skirts the shallow themes that usually come with pop, and settle upon introspective and intelligent lyrics. And she isn't the only talent in Honey Tongue's lineup, either, as virtually every member of the quartet has an equal helping of it." 

Jen Ayers of Honey Tongue   Jen Ayers singing with Honey Tongue at Columbia City Theater  Jen Ayers and Graham McNeill Ayers with Honey Tongue


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