Jen returns to Teatro Zinzanni as Donatella DiMarco in "Be Italian!" thru June 12

- "One of the best ZinZanni shows I’ve ever seen" -

- "Teatro ZinZanni's newest show is pure delight! Singer Jen Ayers absolutely rocks the house (or tent) down about us. She takes hold of the '80s rock-n-roll and makes it her own" - Seattle Gay News

Jen and her son Griffin also perform in ZinZanni's new Family Cirque show "Big Top Rock: Rock This Way" thru May 22.

Details here

Go: South Seattle interview w/ Jen - "South Seattle Mom By Day; Entertainer Extraordinaire By Night"


Teatro ZinZanni - Be Italian! from Teatro ZinZanni on Vimeo.



Jen and soul singing sister Sarah Rudinoff performing Jen's original song "Magical Child" on Art Zone with Nancy Guppy.


Jen's solo release "Every Day Is A Parade" on sale now at iTunes and CDBaby

Jen Ayers solo CD Every Day Is A Parade artwork by Claudette Glubka

1. Every Day Is A Parade

2. Open Your Eyes

3. Jordan's Song

4. Where Is Everyone?

5. You're Going Nowhere

6. Griffin's Song

7. Life In The Moment

8. Here We Go Again

9. Give It To Me Straight

10. Closer To The Heart Of It All

11. Magical Child

12. Baby G

A rock-music-to-motherhood journey inspired by the magical island of Bali. 

The sound? AM Radio, singer-songwriter style with a dash of soul Mama and some Balinese bells and indie whistles thrown in for good measure.

Along the way you will meet: The Guide, The Father, The Wounded Child, The Elder, The Addict, The Mother, The Artist, The Victim, The Saboteur and The Magical Child. 

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